1. All prices are shown in Polish złoty (PLN) and include VAT. The Store is capable of currency conversion to EUR, USD, GBP according to the actual value of particular currency. Price, given in each article is binding when order is placed and is pending untill the transaction is finished.
2. There is a possibility of price negiotiations. Before the purchase, one should contact the Store using the form located on the website, calling at +48 504 93 23 79 or sending an e-mail to:
3. The Customer may choose the following payment methods for ordered items:
bank transfer into the Store's account
payment with credit card
payment via PayPal (there is a compulsory extra fee of 5% of the order value)
payment via PayU
payment in instalments via PayU
4. The Store reserves the right to: change the prices of the offered products, add new products to the offer, remove products from the offer, start and cancel promoting events or introduce changes in them, implement and remove discount codes. The Stores reserves the right to start and cancel promoting events, implement and remove discount codes available for each Customer or for a particular groups of people or person.
5. If there is no payment within:
- 3 calendar days in case of domestic transfers
- 7 calendar days in case of transfers from abroad
(date of exection of a transfer is what matters), the Store has the right to withdraw from the realization of the order.
6. The order is fulfilled promptly after the payment for the order has been registered into one of our accounts:
- PLN account (PLN) - PL 80 1140 2004 0000 3902 7562 5340  – (in the case of transfers)
- foreign currency account (EUR) - PL 61 1140 2004 0000 3312 0361 4500 – (in the case of transfers)
- foreign currency account (USD) - PL 21 1140 2004 0000 3412 0361 4492 – (in the case of transfers)
- foreign currency account (GBP) - PL 06 1140 2004 0000 3712 0361 4518 – (in the case of transfers)
Each account has the same SWIFT / BIC: BREXPLPWMBK
- Or the transaction's confirmation (in the case of payments with credit cards and payments via PayPal, PayU).