FJL Collection is an explosion of vitality, freshness and lightness. It is a combination of elegance simplicity and functionalism. Bright and positive colour, which bases on juicy shades of green, pink, yellow and orange, accentuates the spring and summer character of the collection. The écru colour with shades of grey and brown is the basis. In terms of structure and aesthetic, FJL is a continuation of the previous collections.

Willa dei Misteri

The principal inspiration – fascination with Jerzy Nowosielski's paintings – it makes me enter the new world of: icons, Uniate liturgy, Orthodoxy. I go back to the roots – Byzantine. The name of the collection refers to the title of one of the Jerzy Nowosielski's series Willa Dei Misteri. The artist was inspired by discovery of a mysterious house of an ancient sect in Pompeii, walls of which were covered with fresques that presented martyrish and erotic scenes inaccesible for uninitiated.


The main inspiration of Mimesis Collection was the world presented in „Microcosmos” film, directed by Claude Nuridsany and Marie Perennou. The collection is an attempt to capture and express such nature phenomena as: mimicry, imitation, camouflage. Being aware how unattainable the Nature is, I tried to catch its beauty and express the sensitivity of the nature. The collection is an expression of my longing for everything I've lost when I moved to a big city.


The main inspiration for the Diesel Collection were the films: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, 2004, directed by Kerry Conran, and Sin City, 2005, directed by Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. The collection's design has been based on Steampunk and Dieselpunk; therefore, the black colour is dominant. The Diesel Collection is a diploma collection (International Costume and Fashion Design School in Warsaw).


The inspiration for Metropolis Collection is Fritz Lang's world – his „Metropolis” film from 1927 is a futuristic interpretation of the world. This is a debut collection. An experiment. In 2010, rewarded with the most prestigious prize in the country: The Golden Thread in Premiere category by two types of the jury: the media and the creators. This is when it all began...

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