The idea is to approach individually towards each of You. In our workplace every piece of clothing is tailor-made (you can stay with a standard size). Thanks to this, we believe that our products are unique and perfectly suit every figure. We pay a lot of attention to keep in touch with you. Every email or call is important for us; your comments and remarks are vital part of our cooperation. Thanks to the Internet, the distance is no longer an issue. In this matter we have a long experience and worked-out solutions.

We also invite you to pay a visit in our workplace. Before you decide to make a purchase, or even after making it, you can meet our designer. We will help you match suitable creation or advise you about making alterations in the one you already have. We will take all the measurements and show you our fabrics, so you will know more about the details of our cooperation.

Kamila Gawrońska-Kasperska Atelier
Sandomierska 4/1 Warsaw, Poland

Step 1. Placing order

To make it simply, we decided to use the standard sizes (S, M, L), and if you want, we will stay with them. Remember, however, that we will soon contact you in order to discuss details. We want to make it especially for you, for your silhouette. Of course, if you prefer, you can contact us personally. If you have any questions, call at +48 504 93 23 79 or send an email to:

Step 2. Consultations

Right after your order is confirmed, you will receive an email which you will be asked to give us all your suggestions about the purchase. All your remarks and comments are vital. We, however, try to serve with advice and experience. Remember that we are open for all kinds of changes. We will individually match the fabric and take into account season or ceremony you plan to take part in. Remember that we approach very individually towards each realization.

Step 3. The prototype and fabric samples

After receiving your measurements, we normally make a prototype, a model made of linen, which is later sent to you for the consultations together with the fabric samples. Sometimes we skip this step, but only if it's justified and accepted by you.

Step 4. Fitting and consultations

The prototype allows you to do the fitting and ensure that the chosen model is the right choice. You can also make necessary alterations and sent samples will help you choose the appropriate fabric, Remember that we are in constant mail and phone contact.

Step 5. Sewing

Knowing your preferences and what alterations are to be made, we begin the sewing process of. We take into account all your remarks and we inform you about the work progress.

Step 6. Shipment

If there are no remarks, we shortly send the shipment to you. The price includes: tailoring, sending the samples and individual consultations.